50 shades too many

By | August 11, 2016

Is it just me, or has the world gone a bit kink crazy ever since the release of that book followed by that movie last year?  I mean, I’m as much of a fan of a topless hunk as the next guy.  And who doesn’t like to get a bit of a spanking along with their sex?

But you can hardly go out for a glass of pinot now, without the girls – and guys – slipping in a comment about bondage, or spanking, or their visit to the local fetish club.

And of course, the internet has become overrun as well.  If the Internet of the 90’s was about porn, and the 00’s was about cats, then now is definitely all about kink.  My tumblr is filled with gags, my twitter with floggers.  And I can’t browse the weekly news without being confronted by a guide to buying the best bondage cuffs.

What if I wasn’t even interested in cuffs?  What if all I really cared about was the sensual art of Japanese shibari?  Well, don’t worry they have that covered to – with a handy guide to buy best bondage rope.

Of course, the lifestylers don’t want to be left out either.  Not content to relegate their playtime to every now and then, these people want to be kinky 24/7.  Don’t they ever get sick of getting bossed around and flogged?  Well, for those self-identified slaves, there is a guide to buy slave collar for submissive.

Oh, and in case anyone forgot, for it to be actual BDSM it has to be consensual… otherwise it’s just abuse.  This article is actually pretty good: BDSM consent.

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