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By | February 28, 2016

It is difficult to comprehend what to do, or what’s in store, when you first move here on your working visa, hereditary visa or European identification. How would you discover a spot to live? How would you look for some kind of employment? How would you make companions?

On the off chance that you are an Australian or New Zealander focusing on a year or two in the UK, it for the most part means applying for a Tier 5 working visa, which will empower you to stay in the nation for up to two years. Unless you have lineage or an European international ID, this may be the main chance you need to live in London Town and venture to every part of the European landmass freely.

You will regularly discover numerous Aussies and Kiwis living so as to take advantage of their time in London inexpensively, buckling down and voyaging frequently. The trap is to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, work out what you have to tick off your can list and here and there penance a night out at one of the city’s hip clubs for a flight to Amsterdam.

Some will give up more than others

Hubby and I chose to work fulltime, Monday to Friday, pay somewhat more in rent for a major room inside of zone 2 (that implies closer to town on the Tube), and we once in a while treat ourselves to a pleasant night in a 3 star inn or a superior flight when we travel. However, I am dependably in wonderment of those that have the entire travel/work thing made sense of and do what they need to do to get where they need to go.

A companion of mine went to somewhere around 30 and 40 nations amid her two years in London by voyaging modest and leasing her room when she was not utilizing it. A Kiwi couple that we met on a visit in Egypt live in a zone 4 house in London with 19 other individuals, exchanging security and drive time for all the more voyaging cash and an instant social scene.

There is no set in stone approach to make the most of your adult hole year/s in London. It is a decision totally up to you and your financial plan.

Be that as it may, to kick you off, here are a couple tips from me; some astuteness from an Aussie expat arriving at the end of her two year spell in London.


Discover some place to live/doss

This is precarious since you don’t know where you need to be living, or on the grounds that you might need to travel somewhat more before marking a lease.

On the off chance that it is just you and the rucksack/bag you shook up with, exploit the circumstance while you don’t have much to drag around and test a few territories to discover where you need to live. There are a lot of rooms, lounge chairs and beds accessible for a couple of weeks or months, particularly over summer or Christmas. “Dossing” (transitory or modest cabin in an expansive house, for the most part where a mate lives) is run of the mill movement for some vast sharehouses where occupants are standard explorers and housemate turnover is high. There are a number of these in London and you could pay as meager as £50 a week, including bills, for a love seat or bed.

When you have found a bed/room/level/house/organizer you may need to buy furniture, bedding, cushions, window ornaments, and a duvet (otherwise known as doona – see beneath). There are a couple Ikea’s situated around London, yet it may be faster and more advantageous to arrange your things online to gather from Argos, Homebase, Marks and Spencer, Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Argos is a list shipper and the biggest general-products retailer in the UK with gathering focuses are found all over in London.

Tip — British duvets (known as a doona or coverlet in different parts of the world) are sold in various weights called “tog”. As a general aide 4.5 tog is a light weight duvet for summer, 7.5 tog is for the most part to spring/harvest time while 13.5/15 tog is additional warm for the winter months.

Get your cellular telephone

You need to get off your Aussie portable number/chip asap – utilizing it as a part of the UK will be frightfully costly.

Your Aussie handset might possibly take a shot at a UK sim card, depending in the event that it has been bolted by your Aussie supplier or not. You can get it opened yet be cautioned that it might harm the telephone and murder it’s guarantee.

Getting another handset that works in the UK need not be excessively costly – look at the alternatives at the telephone shops found on each high road. Another alternative is to purchase a second-hand one off a site like eBay or even off somebody in your new share house who is leaving the UK.

Being new to the nation, it is undoubtedly you won’t have the capacity to get a month to month cellular telephone arrangement for some time, as you don’t have a credit record in Britain. Dread not however; there are heaps of pay-as-you-go and best up prepaid arrangements that are flawlessly suitable – a few organizations even offer a shabby arrangement on a handset when you join.

Tip: Many spots in London, similar to eateries and bars, have free Wi-Fi, including 130 London Underground (Tube) stations which are free on the off chance that you are a with the principle suppliers – see a rundown here

Note: Numbers that start with 07 are portable numbers. Numbers that start with 01, 02 and 03 are UK landlines. Calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are free from landlines as it were. Calls to 0845 numbers are charged at higher rates.

To contact Emergency Services dial 999.

Open a Bank Account

You will require a UK ebb and flow record to exchange your assets from abroad and to store any pay you procure.

A present record is the record you can use for everyday keeping money exchanges, standing requests, direct charges and internet managing an account. In the UK, most current records accompany a charge card and a check book. In any case, some financial balances will offer travel protection, substance protection, or an overdraft for an additional month to month charge. There are typically no month to month charges on a present record, yet they additionally offer no, or minimal, premium profit.

The four major banks are Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). Other significant banks and building social orders incorporate Halifax, Santander, Coventry and Nationwide.

Regardless of the possibility that you open a financial balance online you will need to demonstrate your personality in store. Once in a while it is less demanding just to visit each of the significant banks on your closest high road to discover what they offer and on the off chance that they can open you a financial balance around the same time. Here and there you should book an arrangement to see somebody.

Barclays are glad to open a financial balance with an Aussie international ID, the length of you have a date stamp to demonstrate you have touched base in the nation as of late. They will send a letter and new check cards to the location you name, however you may need to take the letter back into the store to demonstrate your location. Different banks and building social orders may likewise require your working license or a service bill with your location on it.

Continuously request the IBAN and SWIFT codes as both are required on every universal exchange and installments. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a 15 or 16 digit number that will incorporate your record number. The SWIFT code (SWIFTBIC) is a bank identifier code.

Apply for a NIN (National Insurance Number)

Your NIN is distinctive to your NHS Number (see underneath). Your NIN is utilized for expense, advantages and annuities; somewhat like a Tax File Number in Australia. You should have the privilege to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance Number.

Get more subtle elements on applying for a NIN here

Register for a Doctor and NHS

The National Health Service, alluded to as the NHS, is the (practically) all inclusive social insurance arrangement of the UK. It works somewhat like Medicare at home, yet is considerably more open and to a great extent free despite the fact that holds up can be generally as long.

After you discover a spot to dwell you ought to enlist with a nearby GP surgery. You need to enroll with a GP surgery that covers the territory in which you live. Once in a while you will need to ring around to a few surgeries to discover one that covers the territory in which you live and is tolerating new patients. Utilize the NHS site to locate the best appraised surgeries in your general vicinity.

Numerous GP surgeries will solicit you to give confirmation from personality and to finish an enrollment structure. You may likewise be approached to make an arrangement for a wellbeing check. These are normally done by the practice attendant, who will get some information about your medicinal history, measure your circulatory strain and they may request that you pee in a glass.

Indication – Don’t hold up until you’re debilitated to enlist for a GP as there could be defers.

On the off chance that you have to see a specialist or medical attendant and you are not enlisted, there are a lot of stroll in facilities around London and at a few healing centers. Expect a protracted hold up however.

Getting your NHS Number

A NHS Number is a one of a kind 10-digit number given to everybody enrolled with the NHS in England and Wales. Your NHS Number will be sent to you when you enlist at a GP hone. You will get it on a restorative card.

In the event that you move or change your name you can basically bring your NHS number with you to your new GP rehearse. Your NHS Number basically offers the NHS some assistance with keeping your wellbeing records accurately, securely and effectively.

Discover a Job

Be tolerant. In the first place you may think that its elusive something suitable yet there are numerous organizations that you can work for to acquire a smidgen of money to get by. Some have found that organizations will probably give you a chance in the event that you have as of now had work in London.

On the off chance that things are requiring some investment to find work in your job, it’s generally worth looking at fundamental friendliness, providing food and administration organizations. They have a tendency to have a high turnover and are continually searching for inviting, dedicated staff.

You can likewise attempt your hand at organization and office work with a few temping offices, for example, Morgan Spencer and Office Angels.

Register with online CV Libraries and occupation web crawlers, for example,,,,, and

Try not to be reluctant to request help. Some of the time systems administration and presentations will help you in securing the right work.

Make Friends

Moving to another city, in another nation, can be overwhelming and forlorn. In any case, London is an immense city with numerous chances to meet new and intere

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